Theodor Hellbrügge Award

Theodor Hellbrügge Award

The Theodor Hellbrügge Award, with an endowment of € 5,000.00, was presented for the first time on the occasion of Professor Theodor Hellbrügge’s 80th birthday in 1999. This award is intended to honor those individuals who have made a special contribution to developmental rehabilitation, i.e. early diagnosis, early therapy, and early social integration. In order to emphasize the special nature of this award, it is not presented as a prize or plaque, but as an award.

Award winners 2016


in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of social pediatric developmental rehabilitation
with early diagnosis, early therapy, and early social integration of children with multiple disabilities

Dr Friedemann Schulze

the “Theodor Hellbrügge Award”

As head of the Department of Developmental Issues at the Erfurt University Children’s Hospital – an exemplary institution for early rehabilitation in the former GDR – Dr Friedemann Schulze already earned a good reputation under Professor Patzer.

During the reunification period, he took advantage of the opportunity and turned this department into an exemplary social pediatric center based on the model of the Children’s Centre in Munich. This center, with all elements of early diagnosis, early therapy, and early social integration of disabled children and children at risk of disability, developed rapidly under Dr. Schulze’s leadership and its impact radiated far beyond Erfurt. It became a model for numerous social pediatric centers in the new federal states.

Dr Schulze’s wealth of ideas and his strategic negotiating skills also led to the founding of a Montessori integrative crèche, a Montessori integrative day care center, and Montessori integrative schools in Erfurt and Nohra. These institutions are recognised by the state of Thuringia, work closely with the Humboldt University of Berlin and train young trainee teachers.

Dr Schulze is keen to spread the developmental rehabilitation programs not only at home but also abroad. Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, India and Indonesia are just a few examples.

We hope that Dr Schulze will continue to contribute his wealth of experience and ideas to the further development and dissemination of Theodor Hellbrügge’s humanistic concerns in his professional retirement. We wish him the best of health and creativity.

The Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of the Theodor Hellbrügge Foundation would like to express their sincere thanks and great appreciation to Dr Friedemann Schulze for his services.

Erfurt, 9 November 2016

Previous recipients of the Theodor Hellbrügge Award:

1999: Professor MUDr Václav Vojta (†), Munich

2001: Dr Elisabeth Köng, Bern / Switzerland

2002: Professor Armin Löwe, Heidelberg (†), posthumously and Dr Phil. Antonius M. J. van Uden, Sint Michelsgestel / Holland

2003: Mrs Susanna Schmid-Giovannini, Zurich / Switzerland

2005: Prof. h. c. Dr med. Maria Krystyna Drewniak, Krakow / Poland

2007: Prof Faina Ratner, Kazan / Russia and Prof Ladislav Soltes (†), Trnava / Slovakia

2011: Prof. Anna Alisjahbana, Bandung / Indonesia and Dr Siegrun von Loh, Bandung / Indonesia