Huggy Puppy Ukraine

The “Huggy-Puppy” trauma therapy project uses a relatively new procedure that has been tested for its effectiveness in initial scientific studies. Children with traumatizing war experiences are given a
teddy bear and, together with a psychological specialist, a life story of the teddy bear is worked out with the child, which is as close as possible to the child's own war and flight experiences. The child is then instructed to comfort and support them and to help them deal with their life experiences (war and flight). The traumatized child becomes a comforter and learns how to effectively deal with their own fears and needs. The project is scientifically evaluated and the foundation finances material costs and therapy sessions.

Munich Functional Developmental diagnostics

The flagship of early diagnostics, the Munich Functional Developmental Diagnostics (MFED) developed by Theodor Hellbrügge and colleagues, is getting old. The test tasks had to be revised (children and small children, for example, can no longer do anything with a conventional telephone in a picture task), the concept had to be modernized and the new MFED had to be standardized on a new sample. Over 3,000 children were examined by testers from all over Germany with the support of the Theodor Hellbrügge Foundation. It will soon be the case that MFED will once again be used in the early diagnosis of children w

Montessori Courses

Maria Montessori (August 31, 1870 - May 6, 1952) was an Italian doctor, reform educator and philosopher. The Montessori pedagogy that Maria Montessori developed is still seen today as an alternative form of pedagogy and contrasts with conventional teaching methods. Montessori pedagogy tried to promote children's development with a completely new approach. The motto "Help me do it myself!" describes this approach very well. Basic principles of Montessori education:

• The child comes first, must be seen as an individual and has a unique personality.

• The main aim is to educate children to be independent and self-confident
• Children's learning processes should be maximally promoted.
• Every child is different and has their own learning rhythm.

The Hellbrügge Foundation sees the potential of this approach to enable children with disabilities in particular to be included in our society in the best possible way.

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