Das Kind von 0 bis 6

Das Kind von 0 bis 6


The first part provides a comprehensive overview of the pregnancy phase through to the birth. Frequently asked questions from parents are addressed and tips for parents-to-be are given. The second part provides information on children’s social, cognitive and physical development as well as an overview of common childhood illnesses and developmental disorders. All subject areas contain useful guidance for parents, e.g. with regard to parenting.

From the contents:

How to make the birth easier
The birth
Preventive check-ups
Feeding rules for babies
Overview of child development
Recognizing developmental disorders
Basic parenting rules
Immunization schedules
Environmental stresses
Dental prophylaxis
Kindergarten and school
Behavioral disorders
Legal assistance for disabled children
First aid
Children’s diseases from A-Z

You can also order the parents’ book directly from the Theodor Hellbrügge Foundation.
E-mail: info@hellbrueggestiftung.de

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